Full Circle Team Building

Presented By World Champion Hoop Dancer Brian Hammill

Duration: Approximately 1 - 2 hours
Availability: Dates and Times are Flexible
Capacity: Up to 100 People in a group (recommend tables of 8)

Throughout the first nations of the northern continent the circle of life represents a simple life. All things are connected. The world goes in a constant cycle, from spring into summer and summer into fall, always evolving and yet staying the same. Too often in life we forget about the simple things in life and get tied up in the complexities of day to day living. By working with t he hoop and being guided by Brian Hammill, 2009 World Champion Hoop Dancer and enrolled member of the HoChunk Nation, it gives each of the guests a chance to see how the hoop represents their journey. Each of the guests gets an opportunity to build their own hoop and reflect on their selves in a positive way. At the conclusion they will be able to take their hoop and combine it with the rest of the group to make the intricate formations of life. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that is guaranteed to change their outlook and have long lasting influence on their life.

During the process of creating the hoop each of the guests will have a time of self reflection where each of them will place their written goals into the hoop and seal it up to complete the process. The story of the hoop revolves around the five principles of self, family, work, friendship and hobbies or beliefs. After each guest has completed their hoop they will be guided through a memorable exercise with 5 hoops per person representing different facets of their life.

Full Circle Full Circle Full Circle

Team Building Photo